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All Gold Soldered Brannen Flute

Please contact us for information

on flute and headjoint pricing:

(781) 935-9522 phone


BAM Flute Case

$ 450

BAM Case and BAM Case Cover Package

$ 575

BAM Case and Fluterscooter Case Cover Package

$ 650

Other Items

Cleaning Cloth

$ 20

Cleaning Rod

$ 20

Insurance Valuation Letter

$ 20 per letter (up to one flute, two headjoints)

Repair & Maintenance


Please visit the Repair & Maintenance Page for pricing and details.

Key Extensions


C# (plastic) extension

$ 65


Sterling silver button

$ 90

Sterling silver G# extension

$ 95

Complete set: [1] C# extension, [1] G# extensions, and [6] sterling silver buttons

$ 700

Prices do not include shipping or tax, when applicable.

Availability and prices are subject to change without notice. 

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