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My Flute Was Stolen or Is Lost


We are sorry that your beloved instrument has been lost or stolen. Since our company name and a serial number is engraved on every one of our flutes and headjoints, we are often contacted when one of our instruments is found in a questionable or puzzling situation. In fact, we have assisted in the recovery of numerous Brannen Flutes and Headjoints over the years. Early reporting is very important; so, please contact us as soon as possible.


In order to start the process of reporting your Brannen flute, headjoint, and/or Lafin headjoint as lost or stolen, please complete file a stolen instrument report online. To do so, you may attach a police report or complete our online waiver form. Once submitted, we will post news of the missing instrument on our website's stolen instrument list, in all our company records, and on social media. Should we receive questions about your instrument, we will gather as much information as possible regarding its whereabouts and contact you immediately with the information. You can then decide how you will proceed with it.



I'm Considering a Used Flute Purchase


We're very glad that you've decided to make sure the used instrument you're considering hasn't been lost or stolen! If you find it listed here, please notify us immediately. In this way, we can work together to help the owner move toward recovering their instrument.


To review a complete list of all Brannen-Cooper® flutes and headjoints reported stolen to the police and/or the insurance company as of today, click on the PDF file below.


Stolen Flute Detective

Stolen Instrument Program

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