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Old Brannen Flutes Register of Ownership

Instrument Specs, Registration, and Insurance Letter Requests

Thank You for Playing Brannen or Lafin!


Here's some information on requesting instrument registration, specifications, and insurance letters:

Instrument Registration: This service applies to purchases of a new or used Brannen Flute, Brannen Headjoint, or Lafin Headjoint from a dealer or individual. Please tell us when and from whom you purchased the flute/headjoint. If you purchased directly from us, the registration has already been completed for you. Once registered, you may request an insurance valuation letter from us. There is a $20 fee per insurance letter to provide this service to you. Insurance letters are processed within 2-3 business days. 

Instrument SpecificationsIf you need to request specifications for your own flute/headjoint or a used one you're play testing, let us know through the form below. This service is available at no charge, providing specifications only, not replacement cost. If you own the flute/headjoint and need to know replacement cost, kindly order an insurance valuation letter which will contain complete specifications and replacement value information.

Insurance Valuation Letters: We now charge $20 per insurance letter to provide this service to you. A letter can include up to one flute and two headjoints per letter. The letter includes complete specifications for all serial numbers submitted to us. Flute bodies and headjoints are valued separately. Letters are only sent by emailed PDF to the instrument owner, never directly to your insurance company. Insurance letters are processed within 2-3 business days. 


Caution: Valuation is based on current pricing (replacement value) and should not be construed to be an accurate reflection of resale value. Instrument age, specifications, condition, maintenance/repair history, and previous damage are factors to consider when selling or purchasing used.

(Flute serial numbers are on the barrel of the flute. Headjoint serial numbers are either underneath the lip plate (pre-2008) or on the back of the headjoint near the tenon (post-2008). 

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