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Flutist Playing Orchestral Music

Try Our Instruments In Your Area

Thank you for visiting this page to learn more about trying our instruments in your area! There are two settings in which to try them - during a public exhibit or during a private trial appointment. 


To try during a public exhibit, you may wish to visit us at a flute fair, flute convention, or during a college or private flute studio exhibit. Other flute players will be around, and the exhibit environment can be bustling and energetic. For those flutists who have never tried our instruments before, public exhibits are a great way to begin. 


In conjunction with these public exhibits, we usually offer private trial appointments. These appointments are scheduled at your convenience and allow you to try our instruments in a quiet settings, working one-on-one with a Brannen staff member. Private trial appointments work well for those flutists who want to delve further into trying our instruments than is possible during a public exhibit. 


The experience of trying our instruments is tailored to your location, availability, and purchasing timeframe. Please contact us to discuss your situation. We will let you know whether we plan to be in your area soon. We can arrange to meet during a public exhibit or for a private trial appointment. We will also make sure that the flutes and headjoints you want to try are scheduled to be with us. If we are not planning to visit your area soon, depending on the circumstances, we may consider making a visit to see you! Visit requests/invitations are always welcome...and TEACHERS, please let us know if you have students interested in trying our flutes. We will arrange a visit at our earliest opportunity.


Contact us TODAY to inquire about trying our instruments in your area!

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