Request An On-Trial Shipment (Within the US only)

The best option for trying our flutes and headjoints is to visit with us in person, either at our shop or while we are in your area. Often, though, scheduling and logistics make is difficult and even impossible to do so. In this case, we recommend that you make a request through our on-trial shipment program (within the US only).


For a small fee, we will send the flute and/or headjoint of your choice on-trial via overnight shipment. Play the instrument for your teacher or colleagues, in practice, rehearsal, or concert. Return it to us by the agreed upon date, using the pre-paid shipping label we provide. Then, when you purchase or place an order for your new flute, we will apply the on-trial fee to the cost of your new flute.


Contact us to arrange your flute- or headjoint-on-trial TODAY!

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