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Brannen Fluterscooter Leather Case Cover

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In partnership with Andrea Fisher of Fluterscooter, we are pleased to offer the first-ever Brannen Brothers' case cover in LEATHER!

The Brannen Fluterscooter Case Cover is a true modern classic, styled with black leather on the outside and padded black velvet on the inside, along with oversized leather double zipper pulls and a fantastic embossed Brannen 'BB' on front. The cover zips all the way open into a flat position, allowing the case to open completely and a flute to safely rest on the cover's soft, velvet surface if desired. Unisex, suitable for the concert stage or the practice room, and made especially to fit the BAM Flute Case, we hope you love the Fluterscooter Case Cover as much as we do!


  • Already own a BAM Flute Case? Purchase a Fluterscooter Cover for $250.

  • Don't own a BAM Flute Case? Purchase the BAM Case and Fluterscooter Case Cover Package for $650.

  • Planning to purchase a new Brannen Flute soon? See below.


All Brannen-Cooper Flutes come with a BAM Case and either a BAM or Fluterscooter Case Cover as noted below:


  • Gold and Platinum Flutes come with a Fluterscooter Leather Case Cover.

  • Silver and 15/85 Soldered Tonehole Flutes come with a BAM Case Cover or the option to upgrade to a Fluterscooter Leather Case Cover for $140.

  • The Drawn Tonehole Brögger Flute in silver and 15/85 come with a BAM Case Cover.

Please Note: We cannot exchange the BAM Cover for the Fluterscooter Cover under any circumstance.

To purchase, order online here or contact your local dealer


Fluterscooter Covers come with a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

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