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Platinum Gold Brannen Flute


You may purchase a Brannen-Cooper® Flute, Brannen-Cooper® Headjoint, or Lafin Headjoint directly through us or through one of our dealers - US or foreign.


A note about purchasing a headjoint:

At all times, we stock a wide range of Brannen-Cooper and Lafin Headjoints. Please review our Headjoint Exchange and Return Policies.


A note about purchasing a flute:

We do have flutes available for immediate sale. Please let us know your needs, and we will see how soon we can deliver a new flute to you. Flutes available for immediate sale require immediate payment in full. Ask us about payment and delivery time frames on flutes that are ordered.



Purchase Options:

US Dealers

Foreign Dealers

Reassurances for your purchase:

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