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Custom Cutting Cork for a Brannen Flute Mechanism

Maintenance & Repair

A Brannen-Cooper® Flute is more than an instrument; it is also an investment. With proper care, it will last a lifetime and maintain its value. To ensure your flute’s reliability, we recommend yearly maintenance by our staff. Our instruments are made by highly skilled craftspeople and require the same level of expertise to keep them in the finest playing condition. Only at Brannen Brothers will you find flutemakers with the tools, materials, and skills required to maintain our instruments to the highest standards.


Annual Maintenance – Clean, Oil, & Adjust (COA) Thru our Adjunct Repair Facility. Other repair technicians also offer the COA.

A COA is an important annual service and requires advanced scheduling. Flutes are disassembled and dipped in an ultrasonic bath to remove dust and grime. Keys are cleaned, oiled, and properly vented. Pads are checked for leaks, and adjustments are regulated. Pisoni Pads are the preferred pad and highly recommended for all Brannen Flutes. 


A regular COA takes approximately one week to complete.  Alteration of keywork is not done as part of this routine maintenance unless it affects the stability of pads or the adjustments.

When your flute is sent to Flute Arts for a COA but requires extensive repair work or an overhaul, Flute Arts will contact you to discuss the options. They will not perform a COA under these circumstances to ensure that they maintain certain quality standards for Brannen Flutes and their repairs.

Each COA carries a 60-day warranty.

Overhaul  Only offered thru our Adjunct Repair Facility

The goal of an overhaul is to bring the instrument, to the greatest extent possible, back to its “like new” mechanical condition. All pads, felts, foams, and adjustment corks are replaced. Pisoni Pads are the current pads we use. The D# and trill corks are replaced if needed or at the customer’s request. All solder joints are checked, and worn keys are refit or replaced. Flute bodies are dipped in an ultrasonic bath to remove dust and grime. We do not recommend buffing as part of an overhaul as this removes precious metal from keys and body tubing. Buffing and dent removal are not standard in an overhaul and must be specifically requested by the customer.

Damage Repairs, Minor adjustments & Emergency – $200/hour plus parts & shipping

Should an instrument be damaged in any way, please contact us immediately via our website repair request form. A Brannen flutemaker will help you assess the damage and determine the best course of action. If a repair is needed on an emergency basis, we will do our best to accommodate your needs; however, if more comprehensive repairs are needed, you will need to schedule a full repair service through our adjunct repair facility.

Please know that...


  • ...we work on Brannen Brothers instruments by appointment only. Please contact us for an appointment before sending any instrument to us. 

  • ...the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping the instrument to us and for the return shipping cost. Pricing quoted above does not include return shipping. This will be quoted based on location and charged in addition to the repair and/or maintenance fee.

  • customers should be aware that their flutes cannot be shipped to us for repair without incurring duties and taxes unless you have proof of payment of the original duties and taxes.

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