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US Repair Service

Flute Arts - Our Adjunct Repair Facility

Handles overhaul and COA service for Brannen customers. Request repair service from Flute Arts here.

Paul Harrington, Flute Arts

Foley, Alabama USA  |


Paul Harrington is a co-founder of Flute Arts and has been serving the flute community in that capacity since 2000. He began the study of flute repair in 1974 and apprenticed as a flutemaker at Brannen Brothers in the early 1990s with Janet Kinmonth, before achieving the highest level of flutemaking called Mastercraft. His duties at Brannen included finishing flutes, quality control, and headjoint testing. As Manager of the Brannen Finishing Department, he trained many Brannen finishers, some of whom still work with our company. 


Through the years, he has developed an international reputation for excellence among flute players, repair technicians, and flutemakers. We are thrilled to have Flute Arts onboard as our adjunt repair facility.  We are confident that Paul will provide, in a more immediate timeframe, the high quality repair and service for which we and Paul are known.

Brannen Brothers Endorsed Master Repair Technician

These full-time repair technicians are former Brannen flutemakers, who have extensive experience finishing and repairing Brannen-Cooper® flutes.

Tom Peterson, Flute Asylum

Chicago, IL USA  |  (773) 241-4870  |


Tom Peterson started repairing musical instruments in high school and soon realized his talent for and interest in instrument repair. After working under a number of experienced technicians, he opened his first shop in 1975 and initially worked on all wind instruments. By the early 1980's, his work focused on flutes and saxophones before eventually becoming just flutes. After interacting with flutemakers at Brannen and other companies, he started working at Brannen Brothers as a finisher. He left the company in 1997 to return to Chicago, where also worked in computer programming. He currently repairs flutes full-time for professional flutists in Chicago and beyond.

Brannen Brothers Authorized Repair Technicians

Musical instrument repair technicians who have visited Brannen Brothers for training and regularly repair Brannen-Cooper® flutes.

Yongin Namkung, NK Flutes

New York, NY  |  (212) 256-0769  |


Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company

Denton, TX  |  (877) FLUTE4U  |


Erik Nugent, Fluteworks Seattle

Lynnwood, WA  |  (206) 729-1903  |

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