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Original Brögger Flute: Drawn Toneholes

Standard Specifications

French Model, Brögger Mekanik, Drawn Toneholes, Traditional Acoustic, A-442, Pisoni Pads, and B Footjoint with Gizmo.

Custom Specifications

Body Tubing: Sterling Silver (.016", .018")

G Keys: Inline or Offset

Silver Flute Options: C# Trill, Split E Mechanism, No Headjoint

See Specs and Options Page for more information. 

The Drawn Tonehole Brögger Flute is the *NEWEST* Brannen-Cooper® Flute. It has the Brögger Mekanik, our signature pinless mechanism, the most highly regarded pinless mechanism on the market today! Flutists immediately notice and appreciate the responsive, smooth action of its keys.
The toneholes on this flute are created by drawing up the metal from the body tubing. By offering drawn toneholes, rather than soldered toneholes, which are individually cut and precision soldered onto the body tubing, we save on both labor and materials costs. Unlimited Brannen-Cooper® and Lafin Headjoint options are paired with limited flute options and headjoint exchanges. As a result, we are proud to offer this professional, handmade flute at an excellent price! 


More About the Brögger Mekanik

The Brögger Mekanik is our signature pinless mechanism and a major mechanical modification developed by the Danish flutemaker, Johan Brögger. It solves two problems inherent in the traditional Boehm System flute:

• Misadjustment between certain keys in the “main line” - D to F#, E to F#, A to Bb; and 

• Binding between the G and Bb keys on inline flutes.

These problems are solved using a patented pinless mechanism of bridges and full-size back connectors for the “mainline” keys. The result is a much quieter flute with far less friction between and wear to its moving parts.

There are three distinctions or hallmarks of the Brögger Mekanik. First, the flutemaker can now independently regulate the spring tension of each key. The result is a more fluid feeling mechanism with spring tensions customized to a player's unique touch. Second, the adjustments are far more stable, resulting in less maintenance over the life of the flute. Less maintenance translates to both time and cost savings, along with the reliability required of an instrument for a professional career. Third, the strength of the mechanism is significantly increased, which is most appreciated during an accident. Our 30 years of experience with the Brögger Mekanik proves that, when dropped, the flute is far less damaged than a traditional Boehm flute would be.

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