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Brannen-Cooper Flutes are priced without a headjoint. This means you select the perfect Brannen-Cooper or Lafin Headjoint for you without the restriction of what "comes with" a flute body! What comes with the flute body is the best headjoint for you and your performance needs.


Headjoints may also be purchased separately and played on any maker's flute. Players look for a different sound or response option, even seeking to upgrade the performance capability of their current flute, will purchase a world-renowned Brannen-Cooper or Lafin Headjoint.

When you wish to select one, we recommend that you try  our headjoints before making a purchase. You may arrange to try some through our on-trial program.


We have many fine flutists who work at our company. Whether you need advice, direction, or someone to listen, we are always delighted to help you find the perfect headjoint!

For recommendations and tips about play testing headjoints or caring for your headjoint, visit any of the pages below.

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