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Key Extensions

In 1994, Brannen Brothers introduced Key Extensions, a tool which allows flutists to reconfigure keys into a more comfortable positions to avert or relieve painful hand problems. These extensions are designed to fit Brannen-Cooper® Flutes and normally will not fit other flutes. Key Extensions snap into the open hole keys and onto the left hand C# key. The G# extension is semi-permanently glued to the G# key and is adjustable. 



Key extensions offer many benefits:

Adjustable: You can reposition them whenever necessary.

Flexible: Extensions come in three different types and six different sizes. Whether you select one or many, use the exact configuration that works for you.

Removable: If your needs change, or if you sell your flute, extensions can be removed with minimal work.

Inexpensive: Extensions cost less than custom keywork.

Refundable: If key extensions do not provide the comfort desired, return some or all of them within 30 days for a full refund.



The standard set of Key Extensions includes one each of the six sizes of French cup extensions, one plastic C# extension, and one silver G#extension.The six sizes of French cup extensions are designated as follows:

If you currently own a Brannen-Cooper Flute and would like to order key extensions for that flute, please provide us with the serial number of your Brannen-Cooper Flute to ensure a proper fit.


If you do not own a Brannen-Cooper Flute, you are welcome see whether or not the key extensions fit your flute. If they need fitting, you should contact your local repair person to have them altered and fit your flute.


To order key extensions online, please use the Miscellaneous Items Order Form. We cannot ship these outside the United States.

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