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Decorative Engraving Patterns

All Brannen Brothers' engraving is skillfully hand cut by a master engraver. This includes the flute barrel engraving, flute and headjoint serial numbers, and the Brannen-Cooper logo on gold and platinum footjoints. Decorative engraving is available at an additional cost and adds to both the value and visual aesethic of an instrument. On the headjoint lip plate, engraving can stabililize the slippery feel of the lip plate, eliminating the need for a stamp.


Lip plate engraving is available on Brannen-Cooper Headjoints, but not Lafin Headjoints, as there is already a small decorative engraving included in the Lafin Headjoint design. 


Our lip plate and key engraving options are shown below. We also work from a customer’s own design. Please contact our customer service representative for more information and a price quote. We'd be delighted to further personalize your flute or headjoint in this way!

Lip - A

Lip - D

Lip - C

Lip - B

Key - A

Key - B

Key -C

Key - F

Key - E

Key - D

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