About the 15/85 Brögger Flute

The newest flute available from Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc. is the 15/85 Brögger Flute! This flute is made from an alloy of 15% gold and 85% silver; it offers a unique playing and hearing experience emanating from the world-renowned work of Headjoint Maker Rainer Lafin. Mr. Lafin has used this alloy for many years to create his fine headjoints, and now Brannen-Cooper® flutes are available in the same material.

Even before the first 15/85 Brannen flute was made, we knew there was a strong possibility that the 15/85 material would make a beautiful flute. During the testing process, our staff flutists played the flute extensively, both alone and for each other. Their response was overwhelming…an amazing new Brannen-Cooper flute was born!

This flute offers more than just a silver/gold hybrid experience. It has its own distinct character, best described as providing the ease of playing silver with the rounder, fuller body of playing gold – unusually smooth, flexible, and very responsive. As a participant in our play testing trials, Mr. Lafin said that the 15/85 Flute is “warm and charming;” it has a “secret something” about it. 

The 15/85 Brögger Flute is the first Brögger Flute paired with a Lafin headjoint and made with drawn, rather than soldered toneholes. With drawn toneholes, drawing or pulling the tubing material up out of the body tubing creates the toneholes. Because of this, the sound and response of the flute greatly benefit from the inherent qualities of the 15/85 material.

Standard specifications include a 15/85 Lafin headjoint with a sterling silver lip plate, the sterling silver Brögger Mekanik™ (our pinless mechanism), drawn toneholes, gizmo (on B footjoints and convertible B/C footjoints), and Straubinger pads. All our customization options are also available. For current pricing on our 15/85 flute, please visit our price list.

Soldered Tonehole Option
You, our fans and customers, asked for them, and we're pleased to announce that they're finally here! As an option on the 15/85 Brögger Flute, you can now order sterling silver soldered toneholes - $3,000 additional charge for this new option. Toneholes made of 15/85 material not available.

To schedule a private trial appointment, call our office at (781) 935-9522 or (800) 880-4799.

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