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The Brögger flute is the flute most people are referring to when they speak of a "Brannen-Cooper®" flute.

The Brögger flute is a Boehm system flute that uses a major mechanical modification developed by the Danish flutemaker, Johan Brögger, about 20 years ago. While Boehm flutes have proven themselves remarkably reliable for 150 years, there have always been two problems associated with them that frequently require maintenance:

  • misadjustment between certain keys in the "main line," e.g., between D and E to F#, or between A to Bb, and
  • binding problems between the G key and the Bb key on inline flutes.

The Brögger Mekanik™, with its use of non-rotating shafts and full-size back connectors for all main line keys, effectively eliminates these common problems. The resulting flute is noticeably quieter with reduced friction and far less wear to its moving parts.

There are two additional advantages to the Brögger Mekanik™. First, the flutemaker now has the ability to regulate the spring tension of each key independently of any other, thus allowing for a much more even feel for the performer. The second, equally important feature is the increased strength of the mechanism, especially as it applies to accidents in which the flute is dropped. We have now had 15 years of experience with this mechanism, and our experience bears out this statement in the most remarkable fashion.

This is also the Brannen-Cooper flute that offers the greatest number of options. Most of the options usually requested are listed on the options page. We also offer the Albert Cooper Orchestral Model as an option on our Brögger flutes. We have designed and built an incredible variety of other options at the request of individual customers. If the option you would truly like to have is not listed, please feel free to call us, and we will direct you to speak with the appropriate member of our technical staff.

When we first brought the Brögger flute to market, many repair people were hesitant to work on it because they simply were not familiar with it. Now, most technicians, who routinely work on professional-quality instruments, have come to endorse the Brögger Mekanik™ with great enthusiasm, realizing that it is extremely stable and can be worked on easily.

Most importantly, it is the players who have made this instrument the most sought after professional flute on the market today. They have come to enjoy its increased reliability, the livelier, uniform action of its keys, and the marvelous comfort that it offers.

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